For Odin’s eye! Yes, please!

As a new Viking adventure sweeps through like a raiding warband and sets new sales records on Steam, one question arises. Is this an isolated event? Or is this a sign consumers are turning to independent content creators?
And as with any other promising emergent industry, my immediate follow-up question is: can we supercharge it?

Consumer habits have changed greatly in the past year. In entertainment, while free-to-air ails to scrap enough advertising money to survive, subscription streaming services hit record highs. This year, Activate estimates eSports are expected to only be toppled by the NFL in the US, in…

The value proposition of embedded finance.

From the steel mills and railroad expansion of the late 19ᵗʰ century to the global and digital economy of today, a lot has changed in the business panorama. Yet the need for credit is as immutable as the thirst for growth. Embedded finance carries an interesting duality to this matter. If on one hand it provides financial services, on the other it blends itself with the surrounding economy. That makes it somewhat different from traditional finance. And because of that, it is today a vibrant topic in the fintech space, capable of setting a new paradigm for business credit.

Photo by Daniele D'Andreti on Unsplash


Diogo Simões

Engineer at heart, for the past few years I have been leading product development in the Consumer Electronics, IoT and Fintech spaces.

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